Community Grants
How can we help your Park City or Summit County Nonprofit?
Rotary Community Grants Now Available
The Park City Rotary Club has been serving the community since 1980. In its 40 years, the club has provided tens of thousands of hours of service, and contributed over $1 million to local causes. Despite the impact of the pandemic on the club’s Miners’ Day fundraiser, a creative Running of the Balls that was broadcast on Park City Television raised sufficient funds that the club will provide continued support with its community grants program. Our club is Park City's original Rotary Club and a part of the 33,000 similar clubs in more than 200 countries. We are now proud to be a part of a community that has fostered three local clubs, including our friends at Sunrise Rotary and Twilight Rotary.
How to Apply
Any nonprofit that is serving our Park City or greater Summit County community is eligible to apply through a simple online process. We ask that you review the Grant Attributes and our Areas of Focus to best align your application with the interests of our local Rotary club and Rotary International. Simply complete your application by the deadline of June 23, 2021.
Grant Attributes
As we review grant applications, we will consider these three Grant Attributes and how they apply to one or more of the Areas of Focus listed below to make our selection(s).
Grants that Will Make a Difference Our grant pool is not large, so we want to ensure that it is as impactful as possible. We are looking for applicants where our contribution can make a meaningful difference to a program. We view our grants as not just a budget line item, but more as a small contribution that will allow a local nonprofit to do something it might not have otherwise been able to afford.
In a time like this, it’s more important than ever that we reward innovation. What new ways can your nonprofit develop to support your cause?
Leveraging Our Investment
Even small grants can make a big difference when leveraged. While not a requirement, we will look favorably upon any nonprofit that can provide a commitment to match our grant with another outside contribution.
Rotary Areas of Focus
Worldwide, Rotary International has made a huge difference in our world from leading the charge to eradicate polio to support of myriad humanitarian causes. Globally, Rotary has seven areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever. Our club has selected several of those which we feel are vital for our own community. Grant applications are welcome to address any one or more of the following areas of focus, adapted to meet our own community’s needs. These topics are in line with past support provided by Park City Rotary Club, especially with our impact grants over the last few years.
Saving Mothers and Children
Mothers and children are the lifeblood of any community. This has been an important area for our club in the past. What innovative programs does your nonprofit offer that make a difference in our community for mothers and children? 
Supporting Education
We have supported innovative educational support programs in the past and have been especially proud to see the results. Education provides lasting benefits to any community. With our diverse population, we want to ensure that underserved children have an opportunity to grow through education.
Growing Local Economies
The pandemic has created a great challenge for every community’s economy. We are seeking to support new projects that will have an impact on a sector of our economy.
Protect the Environment
In a time of great need brought on by the pandemic, it’s easy to set the environment aside. But we must keep our eyes on good stewardship of the land, air and water around us. We are looking for innovative projects to protect our resources or to educate others.
Granting Process
Number of Grants: Two to four total
Grant Amounts: $2,000-5,000 each
The process for application is simple and all encapsulated in an online form. The only additional information we require is a recent 990, which can be uploaded through the form.
Usage of Funds
The primary intent of the Park City Rotary Club Community Grants is to impact current projects. This can come in the form of a specific project or to the general operation of the nonprofit. While the intent of the grant is to impact current community needs, there is no deadline for use of funds.
Reporting Protocol
While there is no written grant action report required, applicants may be asked to make a presentation to the Park City Rotary Club at a future club meeting. The report can include an update on the impact of the funds and should also include any club members who may have been engaged in service to the nonprofit.
Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - Deadline for applications
July - Grant presentation
Rotary Serving You
In addition to providing financial grants, our club enjoys the chance to engage in volunteer service with the nonprofits we support financially.  While it is not a specific criteria for grants, applicants should consider how Rotary could help through club service to amplify the impact on the community.